Alliance Emergency Services

Emergency Services for the people by the people

Economic & Logistics optimization solutions

Today the economics of the common person is looking to survive in a life full of trials. The single mother, two parents working, the single individual, all trying to find a way to live in this world.

History is riddled with these holes, but also had strong men and women their to stay true to the idea a society once oppressed by patriarchal tyranny. And as it is today the common person, the corner / general store, mom and pop shops come and go just as fast. Unity throughout history brought the rise of society, and cultural wellbeing, it is time to bring this back.

The cost to the consumer of emergency medical services is no laughable matter, and can mean the make or break to a family. Reliability of insurance and reimbursement by private citizens is at an all time low as the reliability of those who they believed they payed into would cover them in their time of needs.

Alliance’s endeavors to bridge this gap by bringing the collective bargaining agreements of the many service providers while addressing the inadequacy of insurance payouts, supply costs, and unpaid services.

Alliance complies with all Medicare and Medicaid standards and will never suggest nor reject any legitimate requests for medical attention.

Solutions offered

  • Group supply chain consolidated purchasing*
  • Call to productivity analysis
  • Employee satisfaction to performance analysis
  • Fleet vehicle performance analysis
  • Customer satisfaction analysis