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Service Routine evaluation & optimization

As an agency you need to be always looking for areas of improvement. It takes one instant where a call goes from a routine medical to a cardiac arrest. Or from a request by Police to evaluate a patient at the roadside to become a multi car collision with multiple cars and a heavy entrapment.

Do your personnel or equipment meet your expectations?

The day of “any warm body to fill the seat” is no longer good enough for 911 and you’re of the few who agree. So be proud that you care enough to treat your patients with respect and dignity. We’re here to help you achieve this.

When you contract Alliance to perform an analysis of your service we assure that what we report will be the total picture good or bad. Your contract will allow for range of evaluations. Immediate, incremental, or snapshot, which will give you the scope necessary to make crucial changes needed.

Snapshot evaluation

A snapshot of your services can be performed in person or electronically. This service evaluates your performance, equipment, and personnel records. We will go over the obvious or not so short comings or quality areas of your service. This service is for those looking for an economic option or quality evaluation of existing services.

Immediate evaluations

Immediate evaluations are evaluations which are an in person inspection or a ridealong day in which one of our experienced personnel will evaluate your team and service site. This is more through then the snapshot as our evaluators are encouraged to push the envelope to find your strong and weak points.

Incremental evaluation

As the name indicates, this evaluation is performed over a prolonged period of time which can be performed in two distinct ways. Like the immediate service we will evaluate all areas of your services of the areas of specificity or total encompassment. If you chose to request a specific area of focus we will evaluate on an ongoing areas of improvement which can be either statistical or physical analysis. Or you can request the comprehensive analysis service where one of our experienced providers will ride your unit undercover for a week minimum to properly evaluate, units, personel, patient care, equipment, supervision, and many more areas which affect your optimal service.

Any of the three evaluations will provide a briefing or report of findings and offer the opportunity for ongoing improvement which to provide a greater cost to expense analysis.